Prostitute Showcases Couture Lingerie Collection(from millionlooks)

In the society like ours everything is possible, even a prostitute becoming a fashion designer. Zahia Dehar who used to render escort services at the young age of 16 has presented a couture lingerie collection during Paris Fashion Week today. See the photos and video below!

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It seems that now to become a ‘designer’ you just have to be famous for something, no matter what that ‘something’ is. Zahia Dehar, who is French Moroccan by origin, used to be an underage prostitute paid by footballers for her escort services. A few years later, today, she has showcased her lingerie collection at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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Zahia Dehar, who was just 16 when several football players who had slept with her were arrested and imprisoned, is now trying to make a reputation of a good and talented girl by designing lingerie.

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The lingerie line was debuted at Palais Brongniart – the former Paris Stock Exchange and was organized as a colorful show. Zahia Dehar appeared on the runway too, modeling a sheer dress covered with flower petals.

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The collection was rather diverse and interesting but there was hardly a common idea coming through it. Dehar herself didn’t design the couture lingerie. Outstanding masters including François Tamarin, Bruno Legeron, and Jean-Pierre Ollier did that for her. And photographer for the lookbook was Karl Lagerfeld.

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She’s very French courtesan, like Liane de Pougy or the Belle Otéro.”

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