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Gucci Fringe Bag


In SS 2014, Gucci Fringe Bag became the favor of stars, celebrities and fashionistas as soon as it came out. It is out of question the SS 2014 It Bag. Bamboo handle and eye-catchingly long tassels in bright red, royalblue and purple make the bag be the focus when you go outside.



For the promotion of Gucci Fringe Bag, Gucci in particular filmed a short movie The Fringe. The brand also invited Harley Viera-Newton, Leigh Lezark, Pixie Geldof, JaKissa Taylor-Semple (DJ Kiss) and Chelsea Leyland for ad campaign.



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Louis Vuitton Petite Malle


Nicolas Ghesquiere joining Louis Vuitton with no doubt is an attraction of women’s ready-to-wear, but the talent also knows that handbags are the biggest focus and selling point. So in the Louis Vuitton FW 2014 women’s wear show, new bag Petite Malle came out and tried to be the next It bag.


Petite Malle is a French word, which means small case in English. The bag looks like a mini Louis Vuitton suitcase. Square shape, regular edging and an exquisite lock spread retro feeling, with intention of saluting to the classic brand. It can be used as a clutch if the leather strap is detached. It has monogram, as well as epi.


To be an It Bag, it is not only eye-catching but also welcomed by stars. Natalia Vodianova carried Louis Vuitton Petite Malle appearing in the front row with her fiancé Antoine Arnault. The inheritress of LVMH Delphine Arnault is also its propagandist.



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SS 2014 Bag Trend

This year tassel, transparent bag and mini bag will be hit bags. Outside the shows of Paris Fashion Week, the spot snaps captured by photographers must give you some inspirations. For instance, I learn to carry two little bags at the same time or a transparent bag containing one to two small bags.

Tassels must be hit in SS 2014, which can be seen from coat-tail to dress hems, from stylish handbags to sneakers. Gucci long tassel shoulder bag and Celine draping tassel woven bag are very attracting. Long tassels make the classic bags more gorgeous, romantic and exotic.


Chanel FW 2014 supermarket is exactly an eye-opener, proving that nothing is impossible in the fashion world. Nothing can be carried out to street, like plastic wrap bag, perfume bottle bag, basket bag or a book bag.


Fashion trend changes so quickly that when people are still immersed in catch people’s attention by carrying a large-sized hula hoop bag, mini bag comes as suddenly as lightning. Fashion icons go to shows with mini bags which are so small that even can contain a cell phone and a purse.


Two bags are lively than one and a good-looking mobile telephone shell goes well with bags.



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Gucci Flora SS 2014 Bags for Men


In the spring, 2014, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini continues her love for Flora. After breaking the convention in 2013 that Flora is just for women, Frida designed SS 2014 Flora bags for yuppie men.


Echoing with nature, the new Flora tends to be more brisk and stronger freehand sketching style. With overlapping prints, a large area of designs and symmetrical patterns, Gucci craftsmen elaborately overlap the black and white silhouette and draw every detail manually. The process ends with serigraphy.  


The Gucci Flora knapsack is made of punched high-grade calfskin, light and air permeable. The detachable leather straps provide several usages, which meets different kinds of needs. Fasteners and spring locks, made of precious metal, express Gucci’s perseverance of high quality. It is well-known that Flora stems from Grace Kelly and is popular with royal household, as well as artists.



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Olivia Palermo’s It Bags


Since Valentino released this rivet clutch, it is very popular with fashion icons. For one thing, it is colorful and individual. For another, it is very convenient as its size is just right.


The girls in the upper east side always show up like a strong woman. The Givenchy crocodile skin bag enhance the luxurious aura.


Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag is popular with fashionistas by its high-end calfskin. The inspiration comes from the intellectual temperament of female director Sofia Coppola.


Fendi’s fur element is indispensable in designs of every season. The styles and designs are more changeable. With bright colors, the fur bag becomes more fascinating.


The exotic Fenid clutch goes well with her dark grey coat.


The Fendi mini shoulder bag is a hit bag this year.



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Louis Vuitton FW 2014


The first show presented by new Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere made people see a new Louis Vuitton collection. From the show to clothes, all become simple without Marc Jacobs’ luxurious runway and sexy models. Compared to the huge change of style, people maybe more concerned about the next classic Louis Vuitton bag.


Louis Vuitton Alma bags this season have no Monogram and bright colors but black and red damier. creamy white in large area enlarge the capacity of the bag visually.


This bag looks more like a republication of Retiro, which is suitable for office ladies with rectangle shape and smooth edging. We can see Monogram and various colors in the surface. Compared with the Louis Vuitton Montana, the bag has no logo and much gloss, but it touches well.


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Chanel’s Supermarket Fashion


To steal the spotlight is not a difficult thing for Karl Lagerfeld. He turned a supermarket, which represents mundane, everyday errands, into an epic fashion show this morning at the Grand Palais. In Paris Fashion Week, Chanel released five supermarket-style bags.


Shopping baskets

It seems like a simple match. You can DIY a chanel shopping basket by yourself if you twine a bag chain to a shopping basket.


Chanel Mademoiselle bags

It can be carried in hand when the buckle is unlocked and shouldered on the shoulder freely when the buckle is locked.


Chanel-designed grocery carts

It is not a outdated wheeled suitcases which only used by grandmas but a Chanel-designed stylish shopping bag.


Transparent film bag

Like plastic wrap, the Chanel transparent film bag preserves the hit fashion for a whole year.


Coco milk bag

There is no doubt that it will be the next It bag.



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Miu Miu SS 2014 Bags


Recently the Miu Miu new arrivals in the SS 2014 ad campaign will show up in all Miu Miu stores. The bag is applied the same silhouette and cutting as the one in the show. Its novelty and elegance are the modern presentation of SS 2014 modern inspiration.


Exquisite detail designs, such as leather appliqué decorations, invisible stitching and filled edging, make the Miu Miu bag be unique work with a combination of originality and tradition.


The inside of the bag, made of leather, is applied with various pockets. The embossing stamped metal nameplate reminds us of the details of classic suitcases. The filled leather handle make the bag look more delicate and luxurious. The Miu Miu bag is suitable for any occasions.


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Louis Vuitton for BMW i8


Louis Vuitton, famous for its durable and aesthetic, once again designs for a new car. – BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. Louis Vuitton, with creative materials and avant-garde design, makes four types of customized bags for BMW i8 plug-in hybrid in particular.


The four bags for BMW i8 plug-in hybrid are Weekender GM i8, Garment Bag i8, Business Case i8 and Weekender PM i8. Though the four bags are designed on the basis of the existing Louis Vuitton bags, they are still distinct after they are named after i8. Made of carbon fiber materials, the bags have light weight and brilliant usage experience.


Louis Vuitton Weekender GM and Weekender PM are portable traveling bags. Garment Bag i8 is a bag special for holding suits whereas Business Case i8 is a standard briefcase. They fit the not amply space of BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, leaving the people in the car maximum space.



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Gucci Nouveau


The noticeable Gucci Nouveau shoulder bag reveals the leisure basic style of the Gucci bag collection. The striking tassels added to the back of the bag make the look more energetic and expresses lifeful Gucci ladies. GUCCI Nouveau, made of cowhide, kidskin or other rare animal skin, has black, berry red or red to choose. The bag perfectly goes with any dressing in all occasions.


Apart from glossy printing calfskin and soft python skin, the bag shows its exquisite design by modern dark-colored style process, painted bamboo ornaments, and drystone embossing trademark. It takes more than thirty hours to create and joint the fastener and the painted bamboo ornaments. It also represents professional craft of Gucci consummate craftsmen.


Inspired by a 1940s shoulder bag with a fastener in the Gucci archives, the modern tassel bag presents Gucci creative director Frida Giannini’s excellent ability to blend classic and modern designs.



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